NRI goes to the Esri User Conference

user conferenceNatural Resource Innovations GmbH will attend the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California from July 20-24. The Esri Conference is an opportunity to sharpen GIS knowledge, learning from other Esri users from all over the world.

The Esri conference features the Maryland state governor, Martin O’Mailey, who will share how managers can use GIS technology and leadership to help meet the needs of citizens. Other speakers include Sud Menon, Jo Frailey, Jim McKinney, and Lauren Bennet. They will speak about the newest features of Esri ArcGIS and share how to make a real difference in any organization with GIS data optimization.

At the Esri Conference, NRI will get the opportunity to share GIS experiences and capabilities with Natural Resource Management and Property Planning and Management. NRI will also be representing their partner, Match Rider, an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient ride-sharing platform. Match Rider uses Esri ArcGIS to create “Match Points” (like bus stops for cars) for easy carpooling. Match Rider will display their innovative car sharing solutions at the Esri Start Up Zone.

To learn more about the Esri User Conference check out the Esri site:

Or follow our social media accounts to get updates on the Conference highlights!

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