Natural Resource Innovations GmbH

Natural Resource Innovations, NRI, is a leading provider of environmental technology and management services. A team of innovative technical consultants that work closely to optimize business operations with customized services and efficient solutions. NRI manages environmental and natural resources, GIS data, planning and property, information technology and construction design. NRI helps organizations to lower costs, comply with regulations, de-risk major investment decisions and better use their information for business and environmental advantage. Learn more at

One thought on “Natural Resource Innovations GmbH

  1. Dear Sir or Madam:
    I saw an article on your impressive website featuring Mr. Jason Dickerson, an old friend. I Would like to reconnect with him, especially given his/your leadership in sustainability, social justice, and economic development. If you would kindly forward my email to him, I would be grateful.
    Thank you,
    Clifford J. Shultz, II, PhD
    Professor and Kellstadt Chair
    Loyola University Chicago


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